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FOX News
Dec 31, 2011 11:00am PST
arab spring is still not finished business, we don't know where egypt will head up and how syria is going to end and finally, russia, you know, vladimir putin, who seemed to be ready to coast to his third or fourth or fifth term in office, is now in serious trouble and we might have an arab spring-like turmoil there, too. >> wow, so, dan, he's covered the world and which of those do you think is likely to do those, the biggest influence on america? >> i think, paul, in a sense, it is the arab spring, which has. >> really? >> i'll tell you why, it's turned into the arab sandstorm at the moment. we've had the tension over the straits of hormuz and the egyptian government's raiding foreign institutions, operations inside egypt like freedom house, which is a u.s. human rights group and killing continues in syria and the turkish government bombed the kurds in northern turkey and libya is trying to form a government without any help from the united states. admittedly our options are limited. why are they limited? the arab spring started last january and at least 11 nations erupted defense
FOX News
Dec 24, 2011 2:00pm EST
and libya, syria, and overthrow of the dictatorships of mubarak, gaddafi and keep in mind this also happened in algeria, kuwait, sudan and even in saudi arabia, it was enabled by social media and television and a lot of people successfully prosecute old grievance and we don't know the outcome and these are companies that didn't have pluralism in any of their lifetimes. and figure out whether it was a force or not. >> our colleague would argue, he's on va weighingscation, this is turning out for the worse for u.s. strategic interest. we may be losing dictators, but our dictators, and there are islamists and people who don't have america's foreign policy interests in mind. >> it's dangerous, but we did not overthrow hosni mubarak, the people in the streets did. nothing we were going to be able to do to save mubarak, it was a process completely out of our control and probably hurt ourselves not being more engaged before it happened. >> jason, your biggest story? >> i'm going with the death of steve jobs being one of the major stories, one of the most significant entrepreneurs of our ti
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)